Governing The Church

The Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC is an elected group of people chaired by the Rector. It includes churchwardens and deputy churchwardens, treasurer and deanery representatives, and is a decision-making body concerning the life of the church. Members serve on the council for three years.  The P.C.C. meets every other month in church.  Notice of meetings and a copy of the agenda can be found on the church notice board ten days prior to a meeting.

For a full list of PCC elected members please contact the PCC Secretary or the Parish Administrator.


The PCC has explored the nature of the mission of the Church and together is committed to the following priorities:

  • to nurture spirituality
  • to encourage prayer
  • to understand doctrine
  • to raise our awareness of the social needs in the parish
  • to explore means of outreach to the wider community
  • to listen to and respect others
  • to explore other ways of making music
  • to raise awareness of and support our overseas charities
  • to raise our income


These aims will be achieved through a variety of objectives such as:

  • promoting a rule of life, based on daily prayer and the Eucharist
  • parish quiet days and retreats
  • a series of teaching sermons and study groups
  • listening to representatives of the wider community
  • seeking more opportunities to invite the wider community to church, such as special services
  • good communication, raising the profile of the church in the life of the parish, such as participating in the Holt Festival and other parish or civic events
  • building upon initiatives such as Coffee Morning Monday, the Dementia Group, The Tea Service and Out and About with St Andrews, a bi-monthly social excursion to local attractions
  • providing a warm, accepting, and non-judgemental faith community
  • seeking out hidden musical talent within the congregation
  • inviting preachers from USPG, Let the Children live and The Children’s Society
  • teaching about discipleship and stewardship
  • formation of a fund raising group

Due to a strong sense of belonging and shared faith in God there is a great deal of ownership by both members of the PCC and clergy to these common aims and objectives.  The Church community strives to provide a welcome to all, so that we can journey together, growing in faith, love and knowledge of God and serving the community in which we live, as well as responding to the needs of the world.  Among the congregation there is a real desire for spiritual growth and a hunger for teaching in order to understand better the faith of the church as expressed in the parish.

The PCC Secretary is Jayne Holliss,  Telephone  01263 710160

Sub-Committees of the PCC meet as and when necessary, to carry out routine or continuing business between meetings:

  • Standing Committee:  the Rector, two churchwardens, the treasurer and one other lay person.
  • Finance Committee meets twice a year, Chaired by Glyn Purland, with the Rector, treasurer, churchwardens and two other PCC members.
  • Asset Management Group meets regularly to discuss and implement the management of the Church, Church Hall and the Meeting Room.

Deanery Synod Representatives 

The Deanery Synod is part of the Synodical Government of the Church of England.  Representatives are elected to represent the parish at the twice-yearly Synod meetings.  The meetings are open to other church members wishing to attend.

Contact: Mrs. Rosemary Whitmore,  Telephone  01263 711872

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